Meet Maitreyee Bakshi, Lighting Designer

Meet Maitreyee Bakshi What path did you take to become a lighting designer? I practiced as an architect in Mumbai before moving to Sydney to pursue further studies. Human perception of light was part of the course work and it was the first time I was introduced to anything to do with the biology related [...]

Meet Nic Burnham, Design Principal

Meet Nic Burnham What path did you take to become a lighting designer? As with most lighting designers, the path I took was long and roundabout. Originally, I did industrial design at RMIT and while graduating with distinction, I decided I didn’t want to do Honours at that time. I ended up doing a random [...]

Meet Steve Brown, Director

Meet Steve Brown What path did you take to become a lighting designer? Like just about everybody in lighting design, an indirect one. Originally an aspiring UWA architecture student forced to find a job in the building industry at short notice, I ‘fell’ into building services drafting, which to my mind was only ever a [...]

Meet Chris Cody, Lighting Designer

Meet Chris Cody What path did you take to become a lighting designer? After completing an apprenticeship as a structural and mechanical draftsperson, I decided to focus my efforts on combining my newly gained technical skills with something more creative. In late 2012, I decided to move to London and apply for a job in [...]

Meet Sharbel Dammo, Senior Lighting Designer

Meet Sharbel Dammo Why lighting? Lighting was never really something I considered as a career. It was during my engineering degree where I was first exposed to lighting as a career path. Prior to this my understanding of lighting was simply satisfying illuminance targets stipulated in the standards. It was my first lecture in lighting [...]

Meet Matthew Johnson, Lighting Designer

Meet Matthew Johnson Why lighting? By the end of my degree in industrial design, I’d established an interest in interactive technologies. This included interactions between humans and technologies that especially related to audio visual content – think music controllers, sensor-driven installations, projection mapping, stage lighting and lasers. I had a passion for live music, light-shows [...]

Meet Danah Gochman, Lighting Designer

Meet Danah Gochman Why lighting? After studying interior design at RMIT, I fell into lighting. I think studying interior design gave me a framework for appreciating lighting - how it interacts with surfaces, the ephemeral qualities of natural light and the potential of architectural lighting to transform a space. I find lighting design exciting because [...]

Meet Chris Alexander, Senior Lighting Designer

Meet Chris Alexander Why lighting? Lighting wasn't something that I was really aware of until later in my studies. I started designing a number of fixtures during that time and got fascinated with using light as a design medium and it grew from there. As a creative practice, lighting is a combination of technical and [...]

5 minutes with Ben Luder, Global Leader, NDYLIGHT

5 minutes with Ben Luder Tell us about the importance of lighting in the built environment? The importance of lighting is often misunderstood and underappreciated. The reality is that light can bring out the beauty of any space or form. Lighting can also make these elements look bad if not done properly. It’s fundamental to [...]

NDYLIGHT Shines Again

NDYLIGHT has once again been lauded for architectural lighting brilliance, winning the prestigious “Best Commercial Interior Design Group 2016 – UK & Architectural Lighting Team of the Year” in the Sustainable Building Awards.