Suncorp Stadium

The thematic lighting installation at Suncorp Stadium takes the spectator experience to a new level. With a selection of over 500 RGBW luminaires across the Signify range installed in strategic locations throughout the venue, hirers are able to ‘paint’ the complete extent of the roof with their team or corporate colours. The lighting arrangement plays off the iconic roof architecture, utilising the structural beams to segregate the roof into blocks which can be individually illuminated to create contrast between two or more colours, or blended into a gradient.

181 William Street

The elegantly designed lobby of 181 William Street signifies a building of significance, where visitors are greeted with luxurious natural finishes at the two main street entrances.

Crown Sydney

The Veil is gently overhanging, so it was possible to employ uplighting from the canopies below and yet still terminate the beams of light in the structure through narrow lensing and tight focus.

Fortress e-Sports

The first of its kind in Australia, Fortress Melbourne is a purpose built e-sports entertainment and gaming venue.

600 Bourke Street

The rejuvenation of the iconic Bourke Place, 600 Bourke St delivers a diverse array of contemporary facilities that offer a chance to connect and collaborate as tenants work and play in Melbourne’s CBD. The tower’s expansive lobby offers an impressive introduction to the building, with technology, luxury and modern comforts at the heart of the project.


NDYLIGHT has been working with Funlab for well over a decade, delivering a range of lighting solutions for more than 50 of their branded entertainment venues to date including, Holey Moley Golf Club, Strike Bowling, Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, Juke’s Karaoke, La Di Darts, Red Herring Escape Rooms, Hijinx Hotel and B.Lucky & Sons.

A108 Apartments

As part of the 90+ story Australia 108 Apartment Tower NDYLIGHT has worked with the Client and the Architectural and Interior Design teams from FKA, CARR and HBA to deliver the interior lighting to the various front of house areas as part of the development.