Suncorp Stadium

The thematic lighting installation at Suncorp Stadium takes the spectator experience to a new level. With a selection of over 500 RGBW luminaires across the Signify range installed in strategic locations throughout the venue, hirers are able to ‘paint’ the complete extent of the roof with their team or corporate colours. The lighting arrangement plays off the iconic roof architecture, utilising the structural beams to segregate the roof into blocks which can be individually illuminated to create contrast between two or more colours, or blended into a gradient.

Rod Laver Arena

Rod Laver Arena was originally completed and opened in 1988 in time for the 1988 Australian Open. It was developed primarily for tennis as part of the National Tennis Centre development to replace the existing Kooyong venue. When not used for tennis, the centre serves as a multipurpose arena with the capacity to feature international sporting, entertainment and music events.

Tribute Boxing

NDYLIGHT were commissioned by Walker Corporation, on behalf of Tribute Gym, to reinvigorate the previously unused zone beneath Collins Street Bridge and deliver a functional training space offering a fresh twist on the typical boxing gym.

Queensland Country Bank Stadium

NDYLIGHT in conjunction with the NDY Brisbane office was responsible for the sportslighting and thematic lighting of the project, which allows the façade to be themed for home and visiting teams, as well as seasonal events.

Peninsula Kingston Golf Club

NDYLIGHT was engaged through Project Manager Case Meallin to provide lighting design services in 2016, the solutions for which included a number of bespoke luminaires in the lounges, board room, accommodation lobby and dining spaces. 

Olympic Park Redevelopment

Olympic Park’s AFL training ground, public sport and recreation space is the latest phase in the site’s considerable history.
The $11m redevelopment by Melbourne & Olympic Parks Trust includes a running track around the oval’s perimeter. The facility is a benefit to the many joggers who frequent the nearby Botanical Gardens ‘Tan’ track and Yarra River paths.

Adelaide Oval

The Adelaide Oval Redevelopment has become a landmark in Adelaide drawing visitors to enjoy sport and other events in this unique world-class facility

Metricon Stadium

NDYLIGHT was engaged to design the architectural and sports lighting for this project. The lighting of the public concourses and grandstands uses indirect lighting, which also accentuates the form of the structure.