150 Clarendon Street – Residences, Melbourne, Australia

Client: Salta Properties

Architect: Bates Smart

About the project

The lighting design to the 150 Clarendon Street 6 Star apartment complex was developed with the architect Bates Smart and the client Salta Properties. NDYLIGHT was involved in both the lighting design to each of the 89 individual residence.

The residential lighting was developed through the design of the display suite using a combination of concealed indirect lighting as well as adjustable downlighting to provide a highly versatile lighting solution that creates both an internal effect as well as an external effect with all indirect lighting aligning across each level of the building.

These solutions were then adapted to each of the 89 different residences within the development. The exception to this was the Level 14 full floor penthouse. The design to this residence was developed separately with the owner and his design team.