Zayed University, Abu Dhabi

Client: Zayed University

Architect: Hadi Teherani Architects

About the project

International architects Hadi Teherani were commissioned to create the commanding architectural form which identifies the heart of this new university complex. Within the central campus a library, convention centre, restaurant and supporting faculties are connected. The entire central campus is celebrated with a feature roof which follows the key buildings and defines the inner courtyard which is landscaped with water features and trees.

NDYLIGHT were commissioned to create lighting concepts and detailed designs to illuminate the feature areas. The extent of the specialist lighting includes the feature roof, the lecture theatres, the convention centre, the library and the most spectacular aspects of the development. Fine interiors are complemented with architectural lighting. Specific lighting techniques are employed to add emphasis to the vertical illumination and to complement and express the detailed interior wall treatments.

A huge ceiling in the central library contains circular rings which are side-lit to create a dramatic internal presentation; this is further echoed in the shelving layouts below. Other areas such as the lecture theatres and the huge convention centre contain impressive architectural features for example floating ceiling structures and fibre optic chandeliers.


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