5 Queen’s Road, Melbourne, Australia

Client: Charter Hall Office Trust

Architect: Gray Puksand

About the project:

The architectural design by Gray Puksand cleverly concealed some of the shortcomings of the existing space and used a diamond form as a linking element to thematically tie the various areas together. In addition, timber finishes were added to provide some warmth to the interior. NDYLIGHT was engaged to work with Gray Puksand to deliver the concept and to design and develop custom luminaires in a number of areas.

The fitout includes a green wall which has created the pleasing effect of making the lift lobby appear visually larger than is actually the case, while also adding a natural element to the aesthetic.

The basement end of trip facility is small, but included a number of colourful lighting elements to brighten the staff’s morning experience.

The project is an excellent example of what can be created in smaller spaces through the creative use of lighting design.