Collins Square – Marsh Mercer Companies (MCC)

Client: Walker Corporation

Timeframe: 2010 – 2013

Architect: Bates Smart

Builder:  Brookfield Multiplex

About the project

As part of Tower 1 on the Collins Square site in Docklands, NDYLIGHT worked with Marsh Mercer Companies and the PTID Interior Design team to develop lighting for client floor spaces and typical level meeting facilities throughout the tenancy.

With a client floor encompassing a variety of meeting, interview, function, dining and video conferencing facilities, a variety of lighting approaches were used to visually differentiate each space. This was achieved whilst also ensuring a consistent overall design language and ensuring that the functional requirements of each space were met.

Within the corridors and transitional spaces of the tenancy, NDYLIGHT designed a dedicated system for the illumination of the tenants art collection as well as their corporate display walls and reception desk.

On the typical floors, a consistent visual language of light was used to define each space from the entry corridor to the meeting facilities and video conferencing space.