Downpour Installation, Melbourne, Australia

Client: CLSA Capital Partners

About the project

The existing Slater & Gordon Building in Melbourne has a very tall but narrow atrium flanked by office floors on the north and south sides, and glazed structures on the east and west. In 2011, the architectural team, as part of a series of ground floor foyer upgrades, suggested that the atrium space could be an ideal location for an integrated art installation. The brief was simple: create a unique light element that is visible during day and night, works with the atrium design and its servicing requirements, and fits within the project budget.

The installation itself was designed around the abstracted concept of individual raindrops falling into an invisible pool. This was created by using twenty pairs of concentric luminous rings. Each individual ring was kept as simple as possible, with blue neon selected for its overall luminous intensity. The 360 degree light output of the neon tube allowed people to look down on the installation with the same effect as viewing it from below.  The final outcome of the design is expanded after hours by reflections in the glazed and mirrored surroundings.


IES: The Lighting Society 2012 – VLiDA – Commendation