Client: Funlab

Architect: Casa Forte

About the project

NDYLIGHT has been working with Funlab for well over a decade, delivering a range of lighting solutions for more than 50 of their branded entertainment venues to date including, Holey Moley Golf Club, Strike Bowling, Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, Juke’s Karaoke, La Di Darts, Red Herring Escape Rooms, Hijinx Hotel and B.Lucky & Sons.

Each project is a close collaboration with Funlab and the interior designer, Casa Forte to establish an outcome that represents each venue’s identity / theme and delivers a vibrant atmosphere for spaces where fun is the focus.

Our Funlab projects include the recently completed Hijinx Hotel in Chadstone Shopping Centre, which is an immersive interactive game experience housed within the theme and theatre of a quirky New York style hotel.

The lighting of these popular entertainment venues focuses on contrast, with both light intensity and colour. The lighting strategy also focuses on wayfinding, guiding visitors through the space, creating a relaxed entertainment environment which is geared to both adults and children.

It provides us (the designers) the opportunity to play and experiment with light using different material and mediums, like reflecting light of disco balls within Karaoke rooms, integrating light into joinery elements, accenting reflective sculptures, use of gobo projectors, to name a few elements of play.

Another recent project, Funlab Fremantle included well known leisure venues Holey Moley, Strike and B.Lucky & Sons. A unique offering, it is the first time that Funlab has created a multi-brand fitout simultaneously, integrating the unique styles of each brand into a space. The lighting in this instance was critical, as the identity of each brand must remain strong whilst harmoniously transitioning from one to the other.

An important element of each Funlab project is the incorporation of illumination from signage, arcade games and joinery into the overall lighting plan. The overall ambient lighting is significantly reduced allowing light to pop with high contrast, which is key to achieving the immersive experience across Funlab venues.