George Place, Sydney, Australia

Client: Shead Management

Architect: Fender Katsalidis Mirams

Ceiling Lighting Feature: Ramus

The lighting scheme at George Place was designed to create an inspiring lighting experience for people travelling through the foyer of 345-363 George St.

Ramus and NDYLIGHT delivered an integrated lighting design, illuminating the space to support the ebb and flow of activity, lighting cues and hues adjusting to complement the time of day and adaptions in human daily rhythms.

The aim was to produce a foyer which was clearly not just cookie-cutter commercial. The client wanted a unique and inspiring experience for people travelling through the foyer space. Light outlines each skylight and wall panel, creating a sense of warmth. The bespoke control system adjusts lighting to the amount of natural daylight within the space. Light hues alter in pace and colour to respond to the time of day. During busy commuter times, illumination moves dynamically; at other times, hues shift to slow-moving combinations to complement a change in pace. Lighting at low level creates a more subdued environment.

Awards: IES NSW Lighting Awards 2019 – Commendation