Hilton Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

Client: Quinn Group

Architect: Philip Rodgers Design

About the project

Three key spaces make up the ‘Cloud 9’ sky bar; an extended feature corridor, the bar and two outdoor terraces. Working closely with the interior designer the lighting is an integral element to the highly coloured and patterned interior. Whilst during the day the space is mostly daylit, at night by using cutting edge LED technology the lighting is employed to create an interactive dynamic exciting and changeable bar environment.

The demanding requirements of the Skybar programme required the accommodation of everything from executive breakfast through to elegant dining, after work drinks and even a trendy night club.

A bespoke LED faux-skylight system has been developed and changes throughout the day and night in response to the architectural function, to complement and enhance the real skylights by day, whilst providing the moody, intimate feel for dining. Late into the disco hour, the coloured LEDs are synced to the sound system.