KLCC Traders Hotel – Guest Rooms, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Client: Petronas / KLCC

Architect: Brian Chan & Associates (BC&A), Hong Kong

About the project

As part of the overall hotel design, NDYLIGHT worked very closely with the BC&A and Shangri-La design teams on the guest room design.

The design of the rooms was focused on the visual experience of the guests with extensive concealed lighting throughout the rooms. Significant care was taken to seamlessly integrate this lighting into the joinery of the room to ensure it could be achieved with highly cost effective light fittings and entirely hidden from view.

The designs and details for the rooms were tuned through the development of a prototype room complex that included the various room elements from all room types. This enabled us to illustrate to the client and designers the importance of specific detail types to prevent unwanted reflections and site lines.