La Trobe Institute of Molecular Science, Bundoora, Australia 

Client: La Trobe University 

Architect:Lyons Architects / Rush/Wright Associates 

The La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS) project delivered a state-of-the-art scientific teaching and research building facility for La Trobe University campus in Bundoora. 

LIMS has been designed with clearly visible and striking features, but it is the many concealed and hidden services which deliver the greatest benefits to building occupants and users. 

NDYLIGHT assisted the NDY project team in delivering lighting solutions for the façade, external circulation, lobby and lecture theatreThe cellular exterior of the building subliminally expresses the molecular research undertaken within the building, and is adjusted via the materiality of the building itself.  

The challenge was to conceal light sources in the many folds and crevices provided by the cutting-edge architecture, and to selectively accentuate certain elements in according with the available budget.