Ovens Riverside, Wangaratta, Australia

Client: Rural City of Wangaratta

Architect: Hassell

NDYLIGHT worked with the Hassell landscape team and the Rural City of Wangaratta on the Ovens Riverside Precinct. This rejuvenation formed a major part of the Councils 2030 Community Vision – that Wangaratta has a strong focus on its major rivers with a cosmopolitan riverside. In addition a key element of the design was to provide additional infrastructure and functionality for the Wangaratta Jazz festival which occurs once a year in the City.

The design for this precinct was developed as part of a Council led competition whereby NDYLIGHT developed with Hassell a system of raking custom poles with integrate lighting to sculpt the light along the boardwalk and make it part of the landscape rather than a secondary layer.

The rusted Corten steel poles sprout out of the riverside embankment at odd angles and then fold to arc over the new pedestrian boardwalk. Placed at varying intervals to increase and decrease the rhythm of the space the light then works with the space to amplify and diminish the lighting intensity in key areas leading to a crescendo at the central plaza.

At this central plaza space, taller tree shaped poles with multiple spotlights cast textured light across the space to create a dynamic and layered experience. Additional concealed lighting within seating elements and community spaces highlights these as key locations and comfortable spaces for residents and visitors to relax.