Salon de Mobile, Milan, Italy

Client: Linda Tegg/Jill Sander

Artist: Linda Tegg

NDYLIGHT collaborated with artist Linda Tegg on Adjacent Field, a large-scale installation of spontaneous plants removed from former industrial sites on the outskirts of Milan and relocated to the Jil Sander Showroom for the Salone Del Mobile, 2019.

Tegg utilised an array of species such as mosses, succulents, blue pimpernel and much more. With the assistance of garden designer Matteo Foschi, the space transports the onlooker to an ethereal, sustainable realm. Elongated lights hang above, enhancing the tranquility of this sombre installation.

Sustainability was a key feature, with the many plants used being transported back to their natural environment. It was paramount to the artists’ involved to illustrate that fashion can be, and is, environmentally conscious. What was also imperative is the propensity to showcase stunning spaces using nature and living organisms.