Selfridges Shoe Galleries, London, United Kingdom

Client: Selfridges

Architect: Jamie Fobert Architects

About the project

Located in the art deco heritage building that is known as Selfridges Oxford Street, the project consists of six major salons linked together via black marble portals that serve as transition zones that delineates boundaries of the spaces giving the experience not dissimilar to walking through art galleries. These salons are then surrounded by brand boutiques that adds to the myriad of luxury experience of the Shoe Galleries.

NDYLIGHT was responsible for developing the strategy and architectural lighting design of all the galleries and reviewing proposals submitted by brand boutique designers. The aim was to compliment lighting with the architecture as well as using daylight as a source of light and link to the outdoors; moreover lighting was designed so as to maximise visual impact of the merchandise so that these high-end products are the centre of the attention of shoppers. The result is a spectacular and memorable visual experience as shoppers walk through each individual salon, that has already boosted sales figures for Selfridges London.