Juke’s presented some unique challenges in terms of integrating lighting elements into the MDF panelling and meeting the stringent requirements set out by Crown.

B Lucky & Sons

NDYLIGHT aided in creating a less-is-more lighting design illuminating specific elements and considering the illumination of screens and games within the space

Archie Brothers

NDYLIGHT aided in creating a space which leans heavily on the internal lighting of arcade games and festoons to illuminate the space

Holey Moley

Funlab’s niche is the taking of an existing retail space and converting it into an entertainment space designed to appeal to both adults and children.

Sky City Casino

Adelaide’s railway station comprised a massive sandstone building in neo-classical style when finished in 1928.

City of Dreams Casino

The casino encompasses more than 400 tables over two levels, including a significant VIP casino, to cater for Macau’s high roller market.