Our key differentiators

Offices with design and support staff in Melbourne, London and Sydney

Experienced staff with proven ability and skill

Internal Lighting Metric of Quality guidelines for setting design standards

Revit documentation

Thoroughly researched and tested design solutions in accordance with international standards

In-house project management tool (Cube)

Established quality assured procedures for design solutions

Documentation, quality control, contract administration and commissioning

Commitment to determining and fulfilling the needs of the client

An international R&D committee to develop and set design standards, research new technologies, and create a knowledge base for future reference.

How it all began

Whilst working on complex hospitality and public projects in the late 1970’s, one of Norman Disney & Young’s principals – an electrical engineer with a lighting design diploma – became increasingly involved in providing specialist lighting design services. Frustration developed after his team’s work was simply categorised under the broad term ‘electrical engineering’ and not treated as a specialised design discipline.

It was not until we won a large design commission for the Sheraton Mirage Hotel in 1986 that the lighting design team was identified as a contributing participant.

Accordingly, a specialist division was set up in 1988, and NDYLIGHT was born. This coincided with the firm being awarded an extensive lighting design commission for the Brisbane Southbank Park project. From there, design studios were set up in Sydney, Melbourne, London and Brisbane. The key is to be able to provide clients with the best possible lighting design service, independently or with support from other NDY operations.

Now in our 32nd year, and with design projects in virtually every part of Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe, and with active involvement in every major lighting body, NDYLIGHT is a major player in the lighting design market and well-placed to grow and expand in the next 32 years.

Our purpose, vision & values

OUR PURPOSE is making spaces work.

OUR VISION is to enhance the lives of others, by engineering outstanding projects, mindful that every project matters.

To sustain deep and trusting relationships with our clients, through solving their problems and serving them with utmost reliability, and To engage our people with meaningful, rewarding and inspiring opportunities.

do it once, do it well

inspired creativity to challenge the norm

listen, share and contribute

lead in our profession, industry and the community

treat others as we wish to be treated

understand the impact of our actions and own the outcomes