Architectural lighting is the bringing together of equal parts art and science; it is the blending of the two that sets it apart from the engineering disciplines, or from pure design.


NDYLIGHT is an independent lighting design consultantcy that builds close professional relationships with clients, design, and construction teams so that we can work together ensuring that client’s aspirations and requirements are met.

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What we do

The NDYLIGHT measure of success on any project is the attainment of visual delight and the complete fulfilment of
all technical requirements.

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  • 115 Batman Street
    115 Batman Street
    The overall building design utilizes an integrated design ideology, taking significant advantage of the available daylight via both the high and extensive glazing.
  • Robert Blackwood Hall, Melbourne, Australia
    Robert Blackwood Hall, Melbourne, Australia
    Robert Blackwood Hall, Melbourne, Australia Client: Monash University About the project: It is fitting that one of Melbourne’s most prestigious performing arts venues outside the CBD, Robert...
  • Unispace, Melbourne
    Unispace, Melbourne
    Unispace engaged NDYLIGHT to assist achieve a vision based around a ‘tree’, whose form followed the lines of the major task areas. Its focus...
  • Sky City Casino
    Sky City Casino
    Adelaide’s railway station comprised a massive sandstone building in neo-classical style when finished in 1928.