Architectural lighting is the bringing together of equal parts art and science; it is the blending of the two that sets it apart from the engineering disciplines, or from pure design.


NDYLIGHT is an independent lighting design consultants that builds close professional relationships with clients, design and construction teams so that we can work together ensuring that client’s aspirations and requirements are met.

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What we do

The NDYLIGHT measure of success on any project is the attainment of visual delight and the complete fulfilment of
all technical requirements.

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  • Downpour Installation
    Downpour Installation
    The installation itself was designed around the abstracted concept of individual raindrops falling into an invisible pool.
  • Selfridges Shoe Galleries
    Selfridges Shoe Galleries
    NDYLIGHT was responsible for developing the strategy and architectural lighting design of all the galleries and reviewing proposals submitted by brand boutique designers.
  • 33 Mackenzie Street
    33 Mackenzie Street
    NDYLIGHT were introduced to the 33 Mackenzie Street residential project team to assist in the execution of the lighting to the main entry foyer.
  • KLCC Traders Hotel - Front of House
    KLCC Traders Hotel - Front of House
    The front of house spaces as part of the Traders Hotel atop the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) were designed by NDYLIGHT in conjunction...