Architectural lighting is the bringing together of equal parts art and science; it is the blending of the two that sets it apart from the engineering disciplines, or from pure design.


NDYLIGHT is an independent lighting design consultants that builds close professional relationships with clients, design and construction teams so that we can work together ensuring that client’s aspirations and requirements are met.

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What we do

The NDYLIGHT measure of success on any project is the attainment of visual delight and the complete fulfilment of
all technical requirements.

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  • Sky City Casino
    Sky City Casino
    Adelaide’s railway station comprised a massive sandstone building in neo-classical style when finished in 1928.
  • 39 Victoria Street
    39 Victoria Street
    The refurbishment of this key building in Victoria involved the relighting of the main office floors with low energy lighting and the creation of...
  • Hilton Hotel - Ground floor upgrade
    Hilton Hotel - Ground floor upgrade
    The project included the upgrade of various elements from the original design to suit the new operation of the space including multi-function rooms, private...
  • Collins Square - Tower 1 Foyer
    Collins Square - Tower 1 Foyer
    The second of five towers on the Collins Square site, NDYLIGHT worked with Walker Corporation and the Interior Design team Bates Smart, on the...